Just because you want a smaller SUV doesn't mean you want to sacrifice style. If that sounds like you, then the striking Peugeot 2008 is the SUV for you, available for rent at Heraklion Airport in Crete. The 2008 takes the design (and chassis) of the 208 and makes it even more eye-catching. It offers a spacious interior and a zippy driving experience.
It has the same great technology as the hatchback 208, but it's better equipped for a few jumps through the mud thanks to its chunkier design and elevated seating position.
And the French flair doesn't lose momentum when you get in.
Tall passengers will graze the front seats with their knees if they're sitting behind someone who's also tall. On the other hand, there is plenty of head and foot room. Just great !!!
On the roads of Crete, the 2008 is a great all-rounder. The steering is smooth in town, but at higher speeds, it gives you more confidence.
What you can't fault is the comfort of the 2008 - it's a proper French car when it comes to absorbing bumps around town. In that respect, it feels like a much bigger car - a feeling that's enhanced because you sit nice and high.
The 2008's impressive performance continues on the highway. It's quiet and relaxed, and it's really fun to drive on long trips. The small 1.2 engine also has plenty of power, so it does surprisingly well when overtaking. Get your offer today!!
For storage, there's a nice storage compartment with a lid in front of the shifter that houses a wireless cell phone charging station, and another open storage compartment just below it.
Legroom and headroom in the rear seats is fine for adults
The 2008's boot space is really good at 434 litres. You can fit a large suitcase, a small suitcase and a bag in here; or you can fit a large folded stroller.
Finally, the Peugeot 2008 is a very popular car and in high demand in the car rental market. Get your deal today and don't miss out!!!!
Remember, the earlier you reserve, the cheaper it'll be for you!

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The ideal car for rent in Crete encompasses a blend of comfort, reliability, and versatility, catering to the diverse needs of travellers exploring this picturesque Greek island.
A compact yet efficient model is often favoured for manoeuvring through narrow streets and accessing hidden gems, while a spacious interior ensures a comfortable ride for longer journeys.
With climate control features, the car adapts to the island's varying weather conditions, providing an enjoyable driving experience.
Additionally, an ideal rental car in Crete is equipped with modern amenities like GPS navigation, ensuring seamless exploration of the island's rich history and breathtaking landscapes.
Ultimately, the perfect rental car in Crete combines practicality and convenience, enhancing the overall travel experience for those eager to discover the beauty and charm of this Mediterranean gem.
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