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Gouves location is ideal to rent your economy car from Okay rent a car and a start point to explore the beauty of Crete

 Gouves or Kato Gouves location

Gouves or Kato Gouves is a tourist resort about 17 kilometres away from Heraklion airport and 7 kilometres away from the famous village of Hersonissos. It is a straight road and easy to get to. Gouves location is ideal to pick up your economy rental car from Okay rent a car in Gouves and an excellent starting point to explore the beauty of Crete. Even if it is a summer tourist resort is a calm village, where you can enjoy the nice Cretan beaches.

 You can find a lot of Café and restaurant to savour your dinner next to the sea and luxuriate in an aperitif watching the beautiful sunset!!
  In Gouves ( or Kato Gouves) are situated Hotels, villas and camping for all the type of travellers: Aphrodite beach club, Gouves park water park resort, Marina hotel, the GDM Island, Hara ilios, Lyda beach, Blue Aegean, St. Constantin, Kaissa beach, Gouves sea mare, Villa maria, Kallia beach, sweet memory apmnts and some more.
The old village in Ano Gouves, with its central square, with the traditional cafes and the narrow streets, with the old houses, restored and still unspoiled. Climb Mount Ederi, its magnificent view and visit the nearby Aposelemis Gorge, a beautiful natural monument. A few kilometres from Ano Gouves is the village Skotino and the cave of Skotino, one of the largest in Crete. It is rumoured to have been the legendary Labyrinth.
 Enjoy the swimming in Gouves, without forgetting the many other options that the nearby beach resorts like Kokkini Hani, Gournes, Analipsi, Anissaras, Hersonissos and others. 

How to go to Gouves

To get to Gouves from Heraklion, drive east along the National Road to Agios Nikolaos. About 15 kilometres outside Heraklion you will see the exit to Gouves. Turn off the National Road onto the old National Road to Hersonissos. About 1 kilometre further on, you will see the sign to seaside Gouves (Kato Gouves) on your left, and the sign to the village of Pano Gouves on your right.

You have the option to secure a rental car from our agency at the airport location. It is advisable to make an advance reservation online, particularly during peak seasons, to ensure availability.

Gouves or kato Gouves
Gouves or Kato Gouves is the ideal area for holidays with your family and your children. It is a small village by the sea with many beach options

In Kato Gouves is the headquarters of our office, where we started our involvement with tourism in 1992. And of course, we will be happy to welcome and serve you and give you information and ideas for an unforgettable vacation in Crete. Gouves or Kato Gouves is the ideal area for holidays with your family and your children. It is a small village by the sea with many beach options. You can do water sports, visit the dinosaur, the dinosaur park that is ideal for younger children, visit the Creta aquarium and take a long walk on the coastal road of Gouves. Gouves is an area, not very developed (like Hersonissos) but it is the ideal choice for quiet vacations and endless hours on the beach. Most residents live in Upper Gouves because Kato Gouves consists mostly of hotels and apartments, taverns and shops. Do not forget to visit the upper Gouves with the picturesque church of Ag. Georgiou in the centre of the square of Upper Gouves and the traditional taverns around.

What to do in Gouves or Kato Gouves ?

Gouves has everything for your holiday needs. You will find many hotels of all classes, numerous tourist apartments and studios, and the Gouves camping

On the main road, you'll find many tavernas and restaurants bars and cafes, fast-food emporiums and numerous stores of all types from souvenir shops. There are many large and small supermarkets, a pharmacy, a medical clinic and ATMs.

Kato Gouves also has one of the finest sea-side promenades on the island. Called Possidonos Street, the paved walkway has ornate street lamps every 10 meters, and runs for about three kilometres, from the Creta Sun Hotel on the east to Gouves camping and the municipal beach on the west.

Along the way, there are numerous beachfront tavernas and some interesting sites, including a boat marina and a beautiful chapel which is built on an outcropping of rock adjacent to the sea. You'll also find water sports.

Places to visit near Gouves with your hired car
Gouves is a large area, including the traditional village of Ano Gouves or Epano Gouves and the popular seaside resort of Kato Gouves.

Drive to Pano Gouves

Gouves is a large area, including the traditional village of Ano Gouves or Epano Gouves and the popular seaside resort of Kato Gouves. Epano Gouves is a picturesque traditional village, 18km east of Heraklion and 2 km from Kato Gouves.

The village is built next to the Mountain Ederi at a height just above 300 meters, offering a magnificent view. 

The inhabitants are engaged in agriculture and tourism. In the plain of Kato Gouves, they grow vegetables, vines and olives and thus they produce wine and oil. The village is characterized by its tranquil and picturesque atmosphere and in combination with its churches and of course the local hospitality, it is an amazing destination. The churches of Agios Ioannis and Agios Georgios with their important frescoes date back to the 18th century and are still found in the village. The central square with its huge eucalyptuses and myrtle trees is home to traditional cafes while the monument of the village stands as a glowing reminder of the history of the village and its contribution to the liberation struggle against the German occupation of 1940. The names of the warriors who lost their lives are mentioned on the monument.

In the narrow alleys of the village, the visitor will have the chance to see old traditional and restored houses.

Drive to Creta Aquarium

The magic of the seafloor and the diving experience into such a familiar yet unknown world -the sea world of the Mediterranean - cannot be described in just a few words.  A must-see place especially If you travel with kids.

Drive to Dinosauria

Dinosauria Park started as an idea in 2013 and was first housed in GOURNES ΔΕΚΚ, located in the former American Base. There were hosted 30 different dinosaur species from all periods of the Mesozoic era and other prehistoric animals.

In 2014 the exhibits were transferred to their own space, following intensive efforts to be found in their natural environment and to "revive"! In the large family of dinosaurs new species were added and new sections, such as dinosaurs General Hospital, where young and old fans of dinosaurs can see a dinosaur hatches and begins his life in the park. In the space for creative activities, all become children again, trying to find as many dinosaurs may in a tidal area, and playing various "dinosaur games" made in space.

For the visitors, there is the opportunity to watch themed films released in 5D and 7D Cinema.

Visit Folklore Museum of Gouves

"Folklore Museum of Gouves" is located on the main commercial street of Kato Gouves. It has a large collection of original objects and photographs that offer insight into the everyday life and events of the residents of Gouves and Crete in the last century. Witness the real artefacts of our ancestors and get a better understanding of the history of this beautiful place.

Drive to mountain Ederi

Drive to the top of Mountain Ederi for the wonderful panorama. The road is steep but well-paved.

Aposelemis gorge

One of the most important gorges of Eastern Crete is Aposelemis Gorge which is located near Chersonissos. The Aposelemis river runs along the bottom of the gorge and springs from the Lasithi Plateau flowing into the sea between the areas of Analipsis and Kato Gouves in the Municipality of Chersonissos.

The name Aposelemis (Abou Selim) is one of the few Arabic words that are still preserved in Crete. Probably, it was the name of an Arab who acted in the region during the Arab occupation.

It is a small but impressive gorge in a picturesque landscape of natural beauty and dense vegetation. Aposelemis Gorge starts from the area of Agio Pnevma (Holy Spirit) at Xerokamares on the provincial road of Chersonissos - Kastelli and reaches up to the height of the village Agriana, in the area of Analipsis. It is 4 km long and its direction is from South to North. At Xerokamares, the visitor can see the imposing remains of the ancient aqueduct of the area that supplied Chersonissos with water.

Drive to Gournes

Gournes is located 15 kilometres east of Heraklion, after Kokkini Hani and before Gouves of the Municipality of Hersonissos. It is located at an altitude of 20 meters, on the main road to Agios Nikolaos. The area of Gournes is located in a large fertile plain and the main occupation of the inhabitants is agriculture. In this region, olive oil, wine, raisins and vegetables are produced. The area is full of small hotels, as well as apartments, rooms to let and modern tourist businesses. In the beautiful area of Gournes there are many places where one can go and enjoy food, coffee, raki, drinks or anything else they want by having a nice time and having fun simultaneously. Along the road of the beach, there are several small sandy beaches with crystal clear waters being organized and having lifeguards.

Drive to Kokkini Chani

Kokkini Chani or Kokkini Hani is located 15km west of Heraklion, west of Vathianos Kambos. It is a very well developed resort, surrounded by many crops cultivated in the fertile plain of the area.

Kokkini Chani is a coastal tourist resort, 14 km east of Heraklion, which is part of the Hersonissos Municipality. The inhabitants are primarily engaged in tourism and agriculture. The tourism sector has grown rapidly in this area over the last decades. There are supermarkets, seasonal shops, cafes and taverns on the main road that passes through the village. Kokkini Chani is one of the most famous resorts of Crete with modern luxury tourist units while there are all categories of accommodation, furnished apartments and many rooms for rent.

Explore Skoteino cave

The cave of Skoteino is located in the Municipality of Chersonissos, 23km east of Heraklion and 1 km northwest of Skoteino village at an altitude of 225m. The cave of Skoteino is one of the most important caves in Crete, from a speleological and archaeological point of view. The worship use of the cave from 1900 BC to at least the 4th AD century is confirmed through the excavation findings. There are impressive clusters of stalagmites and stalactites whose shapes resemble animal forms and possibly it is the result of human intervention. Also, there are two or three troughs at stalagmites. The water falling from the stalactites is concentrated in them as the drip continues until today. In these troughs, the believers put their hands in and washed them. It was a kind of cleansing before they made their sacrifices. This room had a worshipped use while the main goddess is worshipped there, was the goddess Vritomartis, the protector of fishermen that worshipped in Crete.

The next room is the “Altar” which is smaller in dimensions (24×8.5×25) and there are indications that this room was used for sacrifices. There is also a crack on the floor in which the believers offered their bids (oil, blood, milk) to the deity.

Visit Old Hersonissos or Ano Hersonissos

Chersonissos village is located 26km east of Heraklion and about 2 km south of the coastal Chersonissos Port (Limenas Chersonissou).

Chersonissos is a small, picturesque village built amphitheatrically and the view of the Cretan sea is breathtaking.

It is a traditional village that maintains a tranquil pace of living in contrast to the busy and tourist Chersonissos Port. Although it has been influenced by tourism, it is not a place where one can find countless bars, shops and many hotels as it keeps its traditional style that is proven not only by everyday life and the pace of life of the inhabitants but also by the architecture of the village.

Chersonissos is a village with narrow, picturesque alleys, stone-built houses with beautiful courtyards full of flowers, old wells and stone ovens. Walking through the stone alleys and observing the traditional settlement with the characteristic examples of Cretan folk architecture, one enjoys a walk-in this enchanting traditional village.

Drive to Piskopiano

Piskopiano is a traditional settlement at the foot of Mount Charakas and is located between the villages Chersonissos and Koutouloufari. Piskopiano is set in an amazing location with a panoramic view of the cosmopolitan beach of Chersonissos and of course the sea and sky that spread forward.
In Piskopiano, the tradition is revived through the picturesque narrow streets that cross the traditional neighbourhoods, with the beautiful stone-built houses where simplicity and Cretan architecture prevail. The area is an ideal place for those looking for relaxing and tranquil holidays. Food and drink can be found in the taverns and the traditional cafes of the village.

Drive to Koutouloufari

Koutouloufari is located near Chersonissos Port and is built on the slope of Mount Pyrgia at an altitude of 100 meters and is 29 km east of Heraklion.

Koutouloufari is a beautiful and traditional settlement. It is an ideal destination for those who want relaxation while staying in a quiet and picturesque environment close to the beautiful beaches of Chersonissos providing lots of fun, sightseeing and activities since Chersonissos Port is less than one kilometre away.

Visit Knossos Palace

Take your rented car from Okay rent a car and drive to Knossos Palace. It is about 30 minutes drive to arrive in Knossos. Visit the place where Minoan civilization flourishes and wander through the Labyrinth, trying to reveal the myth of Minotaur.

Kato Gouves map

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