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Komolithi, West Crete

In addition to the beautiful natural landscapes, mountains, beaches and picturesque villages, Greece is also full of attractions created by nature. One such case is the Komolithoi of Crete in Potamida. A special natural attraction that reminds you of Cappadocia. A completely eerie and different place, one of the best natural attractions of Crete and Greece that you can plan to visit at any time of the year.
So, what are the Komolithos of Crete and what is special about them? Next to the valley of the Tyflo river, about 35 km west of Chania, Komolithi are located within the administrative boundaries of the Municipality of Kissamos.
First of all, it is surely one of the most impressive and strange natural landscapes that exist in Crete. They are located west of Chania and are administratively under the Municipality of Kissamos. You will also hear them called sand dunes and in fact they are separate hills made up of soft clay. This, with the passage of time, has undergone erosion, resulting in the creation of these wonderful conical forms that put them on the list of the most impressive natural attractions of Crete.
Scientists report about this natural attraction that the Komolithos were formed millions of years ago on the sea floor and that is why marine fossils have been found and studied on the surface. Researchers from the University of Crete have also discovered that the sediments of Potamida contain, among other things, iron pyrite and traces of gold.
What makes it even more impressive is that the Komolithos are located just a few meters from the village houses on a very fertile lowland piece of land. Thus they stand out above the fields of the plain.
Small and larger "METEORA" are created completely bare of vegetation on the sides but with bushes on their tops creating a strong contrast. It is worth a short detour during your visit to Elafonisi to admire this unique sight from afar
A similar place is only found at the area of ​​Asprougas in Koufonisi islet, Sitia province
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