Automatic vs manual gearbox image
Hiring a car for your holiday comes with a lot of questions, mainly: Automatic vs manual gearbox? Your choice will depend on a lot of factors, like destination, driving ability and cost. The main things to consider while choosing what type of car you will hire are the following: 
  • Comfort

  • Ability

  • Length of trip

Each transmission has different benefits. With a manual car, you will have more control, more engaging because of the increased action required by the driver and better fuel economy (if driven correctly) as the quicker change of gears and faster acceleration is saving more fuel. The fuel economy of automatic cars can become better as their technology advances. 

On the other side, automatic cars are easier and far simpler than manual cars. They free up more headspace as you don’t have to focus on your feet and you will have more energy to concentrate on the road. Plus, you will have less stress which means nicer and relaxed holidays.  

The manual cars are suggested for long open roads because of the fast acceleration and great control while the automatics are suggested for urban areas like cities where it is required to stop-start in traffic. 

In any case, it is a matter of personal preference and with which type of transmission you feel more comfortable driving because safety is first. If you have trouble choosing, be sure that we will be there to help you choose the type of transmission best suited for you.    

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