Seitan limania


Seitan Limania Beach (or else Stephan’s Beach) is 20 km southeast of Chania and one
of the most beautiful beaches in this part of Crete as well as a favorite swimming
destination for the locals. The striking beauty of Seitan Limania will make you wonder
why the site got such an unfortunate name. Translated into English, Seitan Limania
means Satan’s Harbor. “Seitan,” Turkish for “devil,” remains in use since the Ottoman
occupation of Crete. The name is probably referring to the naked rocks surrounding the
bay. Until 2015, Seitan Limania was one of Crete’s “secret beaches.” A Facebook
influencer snapped a photo, put it on his wall, and the image became viral. Local
agencies took advantage of the trend and begun promoting excursions here. In August,
the isolated beach is crowded, with hundreds of tourists making their way to enjoy the
beauty of the place. In order to arrive at the beach you must park the car near the church
of Agios Spyridon and walk 5 – 10 minutes down the path. It is preferable to wear trainers
in order to arrive safe at the beach, no flip – flops as the path may be slippery. Do not
miss this opportunity this summer! Take the chance and experience the ultimate! And
remember: Respect nature, DO NOT LITTER!