Preveli beach image
Preveli Beach is located on the south coast of Crete Island, a little over 100 km from the capital of Heraklion and the main airport of the island. It is closer to the city of Chania and its airport, yet still one hour away by car.
The distance to the town of Plakias is 10 km, while the city of Rethymnon is 43 km away. Preveli Beach is on the south side of Crete. It is 10 km away from the famous beach Plakias. Access to Preveli Beah is not possible, as there is no parking area.
However, there are four alternatives.

How do you get to preveli Beach?

The easiest is to take the taxi boat from Plakias or Agia Galini to Preveli. It departs during the day and leaves you at the beach from where it picks you up in the afternoon. 

If you come by car, drive to the Monastery of Kato Preveli and after 1.5 km, stop at the parking space. Take the path that leads to the beach after 15-20 minutes of walking. The signs help you find the entrance to the pathway. The benefit of this choice is that you get to see the gorge from above, and the view is enchanting.

However, if you choose to follow this pathway you need to have sneakers, sunscreen, a hat, and water. The sun during summer is hot, and there are no trees on the way. Keep in mind that even though going down the path is quite fun and easy, the ascend can be challenging if you are not used to hiking. 

An alternative itinerary is to drive to Drimiskiano Ammoudi, the beach next to Preveli. Leave the car there and walk a five-minute path to the beach. You might not get the view that the long pathway offers, but you get the convenience of being at the beach faster and effortlessly. 

Preveli is a famous beach on the south side of Crete Island. Crete is the biggest island in Greece, and it attracts visitors because it is a place where you can find everything, from modern cities and exotic beaches to gorges and big mountains. 

The local legend says that the mythological king Odysseus stopped in Preveli on the way to his homeland, Ithaka. 

What makes Preveli beach so famous is the palm forest surrounding the river, which comes from a gorge and ends up in the sea. The exotic beauty of nature attracted in the 60s and 70s hippies from around the globe who used to live here and make huts under the palm trees. 

Due to the sensitivity of nature around Preveli Beach, the area is protected by the Natura 2000, and it is a natural reserve, which prohibits human intervention at the beach. There are no facilities, showers, or toilets, and it isn’t organized with sunbeds and umbrellas.
There is, however, a canteen at the one end of the beach, where you can get snacks and drinks. There are a few tables and chairs around there. It is convenient because you can find basic things that you might need like water or food. 
Preveli Beach mixes in a clean, clear river, a gorge walk, and a freshwater lagoon, all in one adorable little package. It should definitely be added to your bucket list of things to see in Crete.