Koufonisi island

Koufonisi island or Lefki

Koufonisi or Leuki, is a tropical island located south of Lassithi prefecture in the Libyan Sea.
The island is not inhabited today, but it is full of ruins of human activity, dating from the
Early Minoan to the post-Byzantine years. The locals like to call Koufonissi as Delos of Crete
because of the important antiquities that have been found.

How to get to Koufonisi island

To get there you will take the boat in the morning from Makris Gialos and you will return in the afternoon. You will
definitely need trainers, plenty of sunscreen and a hat. There you will find 36 beaches with
fine white and golden sand and crystal clear, turquoise waters and many caves.

What to expect from Koufonisi island

Koufonisi is a Wildlife Refuge and, due to its infinite natural beauty and its preserved ecosystem, has been
integrated into the NATURA 2000 European Landscape Conservation Program.

Due to the historical interest and the natural environment of the place any form of pollution, the
collection of rocks, fossils, conglomerates, ancient finds and plants, the capture of animals,
the fire lit or any action against the protection of the ecosystem and archaeological sites are
not allowed.

What to do at Koufonisi island

Koufonisi is the most worth visiting island. During your stay, you can admire the beauty of the white rocks next to the endless blue of the Libyan Seaand enjoy the tranquility of nature by swimming in its blue waters.