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Kastelli Fournis

Many villages and towns on Crete are called Kastelli (sometimes written Kasteli). This Kastelli is a small hilltop village inland between Neapoli and Elounda. Fourni basically consists of three distinct villages not far apart: Kasteli, Kato Chorio and Pano Chorio, on the fertile plain of the same name (Porgi) at an altitude of 320 meters. In its wider perimeter are Syrmesos, Skouras, Haugas and parts of Chondrovolaki. They were economically stable rural settlements with rich cultural traditions. Kasteli Furnis is one of Crete's lesser-known villages that travels back in time like a time machine.


In the village of Fourni, visitors often come across examples of Venetian architecture that mark the period of these settlements. Through a wonderful mountain road, he meets three villages in Fourni, on the Neapolis-Plaka-Elounda regional road network, at a distance of 7 km east of Neapolis and 12 km west of Elounda. 25 minutes from Ag. Nikolaos, 13 mins from Neapoli, 20 mins from EloundaThe larger Fourni area also contains numerous chapels and monasteries dating from the 16th and 17th centuries. The number and density of the monasteries of Ano Mirabello is the reason why it is called the "Sacred Mountain of Crete".
The village Kastelli is very old and named after a now-defunct castle on a nearby hill. The houses are old and of typical Cretan architecture, with narrow streets between them. There are enough cafes, taverns, bakeries and shops. The centre also has a pharmacy and a bank providing all the basic goods and services of the village.
Few tourists come here, except for a walk or on the way to the south coast. With very few accommodations available, a vacation in Kastelli will help you experience the lifestyle of the locals. 

Kato Chorio

Kato Chorio is a rather lively village in the Lassithi prefecture of Crete. It is accessible via an exit on the route from Ierapetra in the south to Pachia Amos in the north. About 1500 people live in the village and there are not many tourists. Next to Kato Horio is the village of Pano Chorio.
The village has several beautiful old churches, including the Holy Trinity Church, which dates back to the 19th century. The largest is the Panagia Kato Horio Church, which has two bell towers and a dome. It stands in a large square that also has a tavern.
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Kato Chorio has several signs pointing you in various directions to other interesting churches in the area. The road is little narrow in places, but overall it is good. Along the way there are wonderful views of the countryside and the sea. Pass the 15th or 16th century Church of the Holy Cross and the contemporary Church of the Transfiguration. At Thripti the road stops and you have to return via the same route

Panagia Kirapolitissa Monastery

Near Furni is the abandoned Panagia Kirapolitissa Monastery. Kerapolitissa or Cardiotissa is located very close to the villages of Kastelli and Furni, about 7 km north of Neapolis. Today only the church survives, like the nearby ancient nunnery of Kalogrades.
Panagia Kirapolitissa Monastery
The church of the old male monastery is dedicated to the birth of the Virgin Mary (Genesis) and is celebrated on September 8th. The monastery is surrounded by the remains of a Venetian monk's cell, a reservoir, and a recently restored primary school that became famous during the late Ottoman period and later in Lassithi province.

A rental car is the best way to visit this authentic village, explore its surroundings, get a feel for Crete and enjoy Greek hospitality. Thank you for reading our article.  Find more articles about Crete here
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