Useful information when renting a car on Crete

Jot down the address of your chosen accommodation, be it a villa, hotel, or apartment. Make a note of the establishment's telephone number for easy communication.
Before you set out, don't forget to update your GPS map of Greece. This will help you navigate the beautiful landscapes and historical sites effortlessly.
Familiarize yourself with the payment policy of your accommodation to avoid any surprises during check-in or check-out.
Be aware of any additional charges that may apply, such as resort fees, taxes, or service charges. Knowing these in advance will help you plan your budget accordingly. 

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  • Before leaving your country be sure to:

Bring your mobile phone - you may need to make changes to your calling plan to avoid expensive roaming charges.  Be sure to check with your mobile service provider to clarify. Take note of your country code because you may need to make an international call. Take note of the phone number of your insurance company. Take note of Okay rent a car emergency telephone number. Remember to bring your passport, your identification card and your driver’s license - ensure that all are valid. Before booking your car be sure to: Check terms and conditions and ensure that you are covered appropriately by insurance.
Clarify what is included and what is not in every offer.
Realize that some extra services may be provided at an additional charge/expense. If you require a child seat or booster seat be sure to tell the company your child’s age, as there may be differences in child seat policy from country to country.
  • While driving:

Respect pickup and return times. Rental car reservations are guaranteed for the pickup time assigned to you. Pick up early or return late and the rate might change.
Please drive with caution and remember that seatbelts save lives.
Respect the traffic signs and obey all traffic laws to ensure your safe travels.
Do not drink or use drugs before driving. It is highly dangerous, against the law and will result in the cancellation of your insurance coverage.
Be sure if there is a second driver that they hold a valid driver’s license and that the license number is properly written on the rental contract.
Be sure that any children travelling with you are secured properly in the back seat(s) of the car or the child seat and that they are wearing seatbelts.
Please operate the car you have hired responsibly.
  •   In case of an accident:

Stay calm and do not panic.
If someone is injured, provide first aid and call the ambulance if needed.
Ask the representative what to do in case of an accident. Be sure that you have clearly understood the procedure. Call the Okay car rental company directly and inform them of your exact location.
Call the police if needed. Be sure that you have noted the accident report correctly. Ask for an alcohol test if you feel that the driver of the other vehicle has been drinking.
Be sure that you have obtained all the information about the other vehicle. (registration number, driver’s name, colour and make, model and year of the car).

Ensuring you have this information on hand will contribute to a more enjoyable and stress-free experience.