Traditional villages

 Discover the top traditional villages you must visit on Crete. Find brief info about these destinations on Crete, that you can easy access with your rented car. Pick up the car directly from the airport or alternatively you can pick it up from your hotel.


Piskopiano by  okay rent a car
Piskopiano is one of three "traditional" villages that almost run into each other, set in the hillside above manic Hersonissos. 
Although much quieter than Hersonissos, Piskopiano is still a popular tourist destination. It attracts, on the whole, a slightly older clientele who have the option of venturing down to bustling Hersonissos if they so wish. Piskopiano has plenty of tavernas, both on the main road up and the road through the village, to keep anyone going for a fortnight, as well as a few mini-markets and tourist shops.
The main road through the village is attractively cobbled and overall, it is a pretty place with plenty of old, authentic buildings mingling amongst the plethora of apartment blocks. Even the purpose-built accommodation does not intrude and is mainly neatly painted two-storey buildings.
The village seems to have very limited parking but most accommodation has its own private parking.