Long-term car rental

When there is an interest in long-term car rental on Crete, the cost of transportation for the individual or the company and its staff is minimised!
We all understand how rental depends upon the length of the rental period.

People come to our beautiful island of Crete for all kinds of reasons. Some come here for a weekend getaway and escape their busy lives or for a long weekend. Others travel here for a week or two with their families for fun at the pool or beach. No matter the reason, everyone comes to Crete to create long-lasting memories.

But some people don’t just visit; they stay for longer. You might be considering an extended stay in Crete to work, live, retire, or enjoy an endless vacation. If you’re one of these people, if you think about a long term car rental, then you’ll need a reliable way to get around.

At Okay rent a car, car rental Crete, we are happy to provide you with a safe car hire.

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When we talk about cheap car rental, we all understand how this depends upon the length of the rental period. So when there is an interest in long-term car rental, the cost of transportation for the individual or the company and its staff is minimised!

No cancellation fees

We know that plans can change, your work schedule gets pushed back, or you no longer need a car. When you book with us, you can cancel with no charge up to 48 hours before you are due to collect the car.

You can call us anytime to book your vehicle whenever you wish, and you just pay a small deposit upon booking and the rest in monthly instalments. We accept many different forms of payment, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and cash.

Whether you are staying for a long break, working, or retiring, you’ll need a long-term car rental in Crete. Having a car, you are free to explore the island at your own leisure, and you will benefit from the convenience to relax in retirement.

Renting a car for long term, will allow you to get to work and meet clients across the island easily. You’ll never have to rely on public transportation, and you can take as many detours as you like, whenever you want!

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